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GAS OF 2705

GAZ-2705 — a series of cargo and passenger-and-freight vans with an all-metal body and the frame chassis. It is produced since December, 1995 serially. Loading capacity of the van GAZ-2705 is up to 1350 kg at two passenger seats, Kombi — 6 passenger seats and 1 t of freight. The maximum speed is 115 km/h. Dispersal time from the place to 100 km/h about 40 pages. Length is 5500 mm. Width is 1966 mm. Height is 2200 mm. The car is equipped with two cargo doors — side movable and back double-wing oar. The passenger-and-freight Kombi option (on a basic branch index does not differ from the van) is equipped with an additional seat for four passengers and the continuous partition separating a cabin from a cargo compartment. Since 1996 a small series makes the van of the increased passability of GAZ-27057. Since 2002 under the order modifications 2705-90 and 27057-90 with the nadstavny plastic roof increasing the internal height of a cargo compartment since 1515 to 1850 mm and net volume from 9 m ³ to 11 m ³ are made.

On the basis of vans 2705, 2705-90, 27057 and 27057-90 third-party firms a number of specialized and special cars, for example, ambulances, reanimobiles, autolaboratories, collector armored cars etc. is issued.