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5.2.4. Lubrication system

Fig. 4.92. Scheme of the lubrication system: 1 — the sensor of the index of pressure of oil; 2 — the sensor of an alarm lamp of emergency pressure of oil; 3 — a faucet; 4 — the restrictive valve; 5 — an oil filter; 6 — the reducing valve; 7 — the oil pump; 8 — an oil receiver; 9 — a stopper of a drain opening of a case; 10 — the oil heater

The engine lubrication system — combined: under pressure and spraying. The scheme of the lubrication system is shown in fig. 4.92.
Through an oil receiver oil is sucked in by the oil pump and via the full-line filter moves to the oil highway. On the pump the reducing valve bypassing oil to the highway is installed, passing the filtering element at its excessively big resistance (a contamination, launch of the cold engine). Perepuskna the valve opens at a difference of pressure on an entrance and an exit from the filter of 58 — 73 kPa (0,6 — 0,75 kgfs/cm2).
The oil filter * is established on the block of cylinders on the right side of the engine. Removal of the filter is made by its rotation counterclockwise. At installation of the new filter on the engine it is necessary to be convinced of serviceability of sealing rubber laying, to oil it engine and to wrap the filter to a contact with laying of the plane on the block of cylinders, then to tighten the filter hands on 3/4 turns.
Pressure in system of the fairy tale of the engine at a temperature of oil plus 80 °C at the switched-off oil heater should not be less than 125 kPa (1,3 kgfs/cm2) with a frequency of rotation of bent shaft 700 mines-1 and 340 kPa (3,4 kgfs/cm2) — with a frequency of rotation of bent shaft 2000 mines-1. At turning on of the oil heater and the same temperature of oil pressure should not be less than 78 kPa (0,8 kgfs/cm2) at 700 min.-1 and 245 kPa (2,5 kgfs/cm2) at 2000 min.-1.

Operation of the engine at malfunctions in the lubrication system has to be immediately stopped. It is forbidden to operate the engine with the burning signaling device of emergency pressure upon combinations of devices.

Service of the lubrication system
To support oil level in a case of the engine on the tag "П" of the index of level of oil. To measure oil level in 2 — 3 min. after a stop of the heated-up engine.
To fill in oil in a case of the engine and to change it it is necessary in strict accordance with tab. 10.3.
During operation of the engine on the car to monitor operation of sensors of pressure of oil. The sensor of emergency pressure of oil works with a pressure of 39 — 78 kPa (0,4 — 0,8 kgfs/cm2).
On the heated-up engine at the serviceable lubrication system in the idling mode the alarm lamp can burn, but has to die away immediately at increase in frequency of rotation of a bent shaft.
It is recommended to wash out through two changes of oil the engine lubrication system for what to merge the fulfilled oil from a case of the hot engine, to fill in the special washing VNIINP-FD oil 3 — 5 mm higher than a tag "0" on the index of level of oil and to allow the engine to work within 10 min. at the minimum frequency of rotation of a bent shaft in the idling mode. Then the washing oil to merge, replace an oil filter and to fill in fresh engine oil.