8.4.7. Assembly of the driveshaft of a steering wheel

For assembly it is necessary to make the following:
- to grease bearings and a crosspiece with a thin layer of lubricant, to enter crosspiece thorns into an ear of one of forks so that the butterdish was not closed by a fork cheek;
- by means of a mandrel to press in Cardan's fork at first one bearing, and then the second;
- to establish lock rings;
- to turn the driveshaft on 1/4 turns and in the same sequence to press and fix lock rings two other bearings in ears of the second crosspiece;
- to grease crosspiece bearings through a press butterdish;
- after installation of a wedge of a washer and a nut to establish on the processed fork surface. To Zashplintovat wedges;
- to tighten nuts of wedges the moment of 12 — 18 N · m (1,2 — 1,8 kgfs · м).
Assembly of the hinge of the driveshaft installed on a shaft of the steering mechanism is similarly carried out.