8.3.2. Adjustment of bearings of the screw of the steering mechanism

Fig. 7.2. Steering mechanism: In — an edge on the top cover; With — risk at a screw end face; 1 — a case; 2 — the screw with a ball nut; 3 — a shaft sector; 4 — a stopper of a jellied opening; 5 — adjusting laying; 6 — a nut; 7 — the forelock; 8 — a fork; 9 — a cover; 10 — a wedge; 11 — a sealant of a steering shaft; 12 — the driveshaft; 13 — a sealing ring; 14 — a lock ring; 15 — an external ring of the bearing of a shaft sector; 16 — a shaft sector sealant; 17 — a cover; 18 — a bipod; 19 — a side cover; 20 — a stopper

To carry out adjustment of bearings at emergence of an axial or radial gap in bearings of the screw 2 (fig. 7.2) to be convinced available these gaps, it is necessary:
- to turn a steering wheel on 21/2 turns from provision of the rectilinear movement in any party;
- to shake the screw of the steering mechanism for the fixed fork a hand; if at the same time the screw has axial or radial movement (a fork side play concerning a cover of the steering mechanism), then bearings of the screw should be adjusted.
Adjustment is made in the following sequence:
• to disconnect a bipod 18 and a fork of a shaft of the 12th steering wheel;
• to turn off bolts of fastening of the steering mechanism to an arm and to remove the steering mechanism from the car;
• to merge oil through the opening closed by a stopper 4;
• to take out two stoppers 20 on a case;
• to remove two covers 17 and 19 and a spongy sealant of the 16th shaft of the sector;
• to remove a lock ring 14;
• to straighten to hole small beards on bearings of a shaft sector and to remove them a stripper, having excluded blows and distortions on the bearing;
• to remove a shaft sector 3;
• to turn off bolts of fastening of the top cover of a case, to uncover and take out one of adjusting laying 5;
• to establish a case cover into place and to check the moment of turn of the screw in bearings. The moment has to be 0,4 — 0,8 N · m (4,0 — 8,0 kgfs · cm). At the same time the screw side play should not be felt;
• to establish a shaft sector 3 and bearings, having oiled landing surfaces and sealing rings for the steering mechanism. At installation, bearings have to be directed by eccentricity down (the shaft sector is most removed from a ball nut). Distortions at assembly are not allowed. Jamming of bearings on a shaft sector or a case testifies to a distortion or the wrong orientation of eccentricities of bearings;
• to adjust gearing in couple a nut — the sector;
• to fix shaft sector bearings from a pro-collar, having unbent a fillet on bearings in openings on a case;
• to make assembly of the steering mechanism in the return sequence;
• to install the steering mechanism on the car;
• to fill in oil;
• to establish a bipod 18 and a fork of a shaft 12 (at installation of a wedge the 10th nut 6 and washers have to be from the processed end face on a fork 8).