9.10.5. Adjustment of the regulator of pressure

Through the first 2500 km and at TO-2 and also if at the equipped car when braking on a dry hard coating back wheels are blocked before lobbies or much later, it is necessary to be convinced of correctness of adjustment of the regulator.
Adjustment of the regulator should be made in the following order:

Fig. 8.4. Pressure regulator: With = 28 — 32 mm (for buses), 13 — 17 mm (for motor vans); 1 — press the lever; 2 — a pin; 3 — the fixing bolt; 4 — an axis of the press lever; 5 — a nut; 6 — an axis; 7 — the case; 8 and 9 — regulator arms; 10 — a lock-nut; 11 — an adjusting bolt; 12 — a load spring; 13 — a spring; 14 — a piston sleeve; 15 — the operating cone; 16 — a clamping spring; 17 — a ball; 18 — a persistent bracket; 19 — a returnable spring; 20 — the plug; 21 — the piston; 22 — a protective cover; 23 — a bridge arm; 24 — a rack; 25 — a spring washer

- to disconnect from an arm 23 (see fig. 8.4) on the back bridge the lower end 24 regulators are resistant, having turned off for this purpose an axis 5 nut;
- to turn off on several turns a lock-nut 10 and, rotating an adjusting bolt 11, to establish distance With: for GAZ-2705 and GAZ-2705 of "Kombi" — 13 — 17 mm; for buses — 28 — 32 mm between axis 6 and an opening in an arm 23;
- to tighten a lock-nut, holding an adjusting bolt from a provorachivaniye;
- to fix the lower end of a rack on an arm of the back bridge.
It is necessary to check correctness of adjustment of the regulator of pressure braking before blocking of wheels on the horizontal section of the road with a hard dry coating with a speed of 50 — 60 km/h. At the serviceable and correctly adjusted pressure regulator at effective braking there has to be some advancing of blocking of forward wheels rather back. If back wheels are blocked before lobbies, then follows, previously having turned off a lock-nut 10, to turn off half way an adjusting bolt 11 and again to zakontrit it. If forward wheels are blocked back much earlier, then it is necessary to wrap half way an adjusting bolt.
After performance of the operations stated above check installation of the regulator braking on the road again.
It is necessary to remember that at the advancing blocking of back wheels the car drift is possible and if forward brakes are blocked back much earlier, then loss of controllability of the car is possible, especially at movement along the slippery road.