6.4.11. Installation of the back bridge on the car

Installation of the bridge on the car needs to be made in the following order:
- to hang out a back part of the car with the help the crane beam, to get the bridge established on a support under the car, to lower the car on the bridge so that coupling bolts of springs entered openings in spring pillows;
- to establish step-ladders, stabilizer arms, shock-absorbers, to tighten nuts of fastening of step-ladders;
- to establish wheels and to tighten nuts of fastening of wheels;
- to lift the car, to take out supports from under the bridge;
- to establish brake tubes, to connect a hose of the brake system and the lower end of a rack of the regulator of brake forces;
- to attach cables of the drive of the parking brake to the equalizer;
- to attach the driveshaft to a flange of the leading gear wheel;
- to finally tighten nuts of fastening of wheels;
- to pump over the brake system.