10.1.10. Possible malfunctions of system of ignition and ways of their elimination

Possible malfunctions of system of ignition and ways of their elimination
Cause of defect
Way of elimination
The engine is not launched. There is no spark

There is no supply voltage on the coil of ignition or the switchboard
By means of a control lamp to find the reason and to eliminate malfunction
The transistor switchboard, the coil of ignition or the sensor distributor are faulty
To check how it is specified in subsection <check of system of ignition on the car>. To replace faulty knot
Breakdown of the runner or cover
To replace the runner and a cover having cracks or progara
Interruptions in work of system of ignition (difficult launch of the engine, <firing> in the muffler and cottons in the carburetor)
Installation of ignition is broken
To check and adjust installation of ignition
Bad contact of a current carrying vein of a wire of high voltage with a tip or burning out of a current carrying vein
To check resistance size between tips of wires and candles which has to be no more: at the 1st cylinder - 900 Ohms; at the 2nd cylinder - 700 Ohms; at the 3rd and 4th - 550 Ohms. If the size of resistance is more than specified size, wires need to be replaced
Pomekhopodavitelny resistors of the runner of a cover of the sensor distributor or tip of a candle are faulty
Resistance of the resistor has to be no more than 15 kOhm. To replace the faulty resistor
Break of a statorny winding of the sensor distributor
To check and if necessary to replace a statorny winding
The increased fuel consumption and deceleration of power of the engine
Jamming of small weights of the centrifugal regulator of an advancing of ignition
To check at the stand and if necessary to make repair
Strong detonation at sharp opening of butterfly valves
Early ignition
To reduce an ignition advancing corner
The engine has no acceleration performance

Late ignition
To increase an ignition advancing corner