7.5.4. Replacement шкворня and plugs шкворня

Fig. 6.21. Beam of a forward suspension bracket and steering drafts: 1 — the right rotary lever; 2 — a nut; 3 — the spherical hinge; 4 — a bolt; 5 — a collar; 6 — cross steering draft; 7 — a tip of steering draft; 8 — a sealant of the spherical hinge; 9 — a finger of the spherical hinge; 10 — the left rotary lever; 11 — the pivot axle; 12 — a rotary fist; 13 — a bipod; 14 — longitudinal steering draft; 15 — a beam of a forward suspension bracket

The pivot axle 11 and the plug (see fig. 6.21) are replaced when their total wear reached the size of 0,5 mm. The pivot axle and plugs can be replaced, without removing a forward axis from the car, in such sequence:
— to raise the car for a forward beam so that wheels did not concern a floor, to establish on supports and to remove forward wheels;

Fig. 6.20. Nave of a forward wheel: 1 — a brake disk; 2 — the internal bearing; 3 — figure of a rotary fist; 4 — a washer; 5 — a nut; 6 — a nave; 7 — a nave cap; 8 — the external bearing; 9 — an epiploon; 10 — a cover шкворня; 11 — a beam of a forward suspension bracket; 12 — a wedge; 13 — a bearing sealant; 14 — the persistent bearing; 15 — the pivot axle; 16 — a rotary fist; 17 — a sealing wheel; 18 — the plug шкворня; 19 — a press butterdish

- to remove a brake bracket and to put it on a frame; to remove a nave 6 (see fig. 6.20) assembled with a disk 1 and bearings;
— to turn off bolts and to uncover top and lower шкворня;
- to turn off a nut, to remove a washer and to beat out to small beards a lock wedge 12;

Fig. 6.24. Drift mandrel шкворня

- by means of a special drift (fig. 6.24) with replaceable heads to beat out the pivot axle from a rotary fist down;
- to remove a rotary fist and the persistent bearing;
- to clamp a rotary fist in a vice and by means of a mandrel to beat out plugs шкворня;
- to smooth out openings under the pivot axle in a rotary fist;
- by means of a mandrel to install new plugs;
- to deploy plugs on pass by means of special development to mm x25;
- to clear plugs of metal shaving and to apply a thin film of lubricant on each plug;
- to establish a rotary fist on a beam of a forward suspension bracket;
— to insert the new pivot axle into the top lug of a fist, to install the persistent bearing with a protective cap and to advance the pivot axle before coincidence of a lyska to an opening in a beam. Before installation шкворня to grease a surface with a thin layer of lubricant;
- to execute all subsequent operations of assembly in the sequence, the return dismantling;
- after assembly to grease the pivot axle of a rotary fist through press butterdishes and to check a convergence of wheels.