11.4.10. Cowl hinge plate

Fig. 10.19. Hinge plate and lock of a cowl: 1 — a cowl emphasis; 2 — a bolt of fastening of a loop to a cowl; 3 — a cowl loop; 4 — a bolt of fastening of a loop to a cabin; 5 — the cowl lock drive; 6 — the plug; 7 — a bracket; 8 — an arm; 9 — the cowl lock; 10 — a nut; 11 — a bolt; 12 — a flange; 13 — the probe; 14 — a spring; 15 — a nut; 16 — a washer; 17 — a spring; 18 — a safety lock hook; 19 — a clip; 20 — the plug

For opening of a cowl on the set corner the two-unit loops of a cowl (see fig. 10.19) fixed on a front guard by bolts and on a cowl — bolts serve. Loops — unbalanced and therefore for deduction of a cowl the rigid emphasis serves in open situation. One its end is fixed on a special arm by means of the plug; the second rests against a cowl (enters a special figured opening). In the put lower situation the emphasis is fixed in a special clip.
After opening of the lock of a cowl the cowl is lifted up to an emphasis on a loop, hold it the left hand, and right release an emphasis from a clip, lifted up, entered into a figured opening on a cowl and the cowl is released. Folding of an emphasis is made upside-down.
For the correct installation of a cowl on gaps and a surface in relation to wings, facings adjustments are etc. provided in the horizontal plane on loops, and in vertical — on arms of loops.
Cowl loops — non-demountable knot. Therefore in case of a scratch ("peep") it is necessary to oil the hinge lubricating.
If in the hinge there are considerable axial movements that leads to movements of a cowl at the movement, it is necessary to remove loops and in addition to rasklepat the hinge or to replace new. For repair of loops it is necessary to remove a cowl, then to release (to turn off) fastening of loops from a guard of a front and to remove loops. After repair of a loop to establish upside-down and to make adjustment of a cowl and the lock of a cowl.