5.2.1. Head of cylinders

The head is cast from aluminum AK6M2 alloy. There are additional racks of fastening of an axis of yokes. On plugs of all valves sealing caps from rubber on the basis of a ftorkauchuk are established.

Fig. 4.34. Sequence of an inhaling of nuts of fastening of a head of cylinders

To the block tightening of nuts of fastening should be made for providing a uniform and dense prileganiye of a head of cylinders on the cold engine in a certain sequence (see fig. 4.34). The inhaling needs to be conducted a dynamometer key in two stages: the first — previously, with smaller effort; the second — it is final, tightening nuts evenly the moment of 88,3 — 93,2 N · m (9,0 — 9,4 kgfs · м).
After tightening of nuts of fastening thermal gaps between valves and yokes are surely checked.