5.2.2. Krivoshipno-shatunny mechanism

Pistons — nominal diameter of 100 mm, with conic dredging on the bottom, with a temperature-controlled insert, are cast from aluminum alloy and covered with tin. In the top part there are three flutes for piston rings.
Piston fingers — floating type with a diameter of 25 mm, hollow. For increase in fatigue durability the internal surface of fingers has the improved purity of processing.
Rods — steel, double-T section. Length of a rod is increased by 7 mm in comparison with rods of ZMZ-4025, ZMZ-4026 engines. Diameters of the top and lower heads of rods coincide by the sizes with rods of ZMZ-4025, ZMZ-4026 engines.
The bent shaft — five-basic, is cast from special high-strength cast iron and has training of all necks currents of high frequency.

Fig. 4.88. Forward end of a bent shaft: 1 — a nave; 2 — a bent shaft; 3 — a bolt; 4 — an epiploon; 5 — a fan drive pulley; 6 — a damper; 7 — a persistent washer; 8 — a forward washer; 9 — a back washer; 10 — a pin

The forward end of a bent shaft is condensed with the epiploon of 4 (fig. 4.88) working on an external surface of a nave of a pulley.

Fig. 4.89. Back end of a bent shaft: 1 — the block; 2 — an epiploon; 3 — a bent shaft; 4 — a flywheel; 5 — the bearing; 6 — an oil case; 7 — a coupling case; 8 — consolidation of a case of coupling; 9 — the holder of an epiploon

The back end is condensed with the epiploon of 2 (fig. 4.89) working on a special neck with a diameter of 80 mm. The neck is tempered by currents of high frequency.
The axial effort is perceived by a forward support of a bent shaft through two persistent washers.
Inserts of radical and conrod bearings of a bent shaft are made of the steel tape which is filled in with antifrictional alloy.
Flywheel — pig-iron with a steel gear wreath for start-up by a starter; it is balanced assembled with a bent shaft and coupling. The flywheel is attached to a bent shaft (to an end face of a neck with a diameter of 80 mm) by seven self-locking bolts of M 10u1,25 in mm.