5.2.6. Cooling system

The engine cooling system — liquid, closed, with compulsory circulation of cooling liquid. Tightness of the cooling system allows the engine to work at a temperature of cooling liquid up to 105 °C.
Cooling liquid moves in the block of cylinders the pump, goes out of the engine through a block head, the thermostat case in a radiator (at the open thermostat) or on a pump entrance (at the closed thermostat).

Fig. 4.16. Scheme of connection of radiators of a heater with a faucet and electric pump: I \the scheme of connection with one heater (for GAZ-2705); II \the scheme of connection with two heaters (for GAZ-2705 of "KOMBI" and buses); 1 — a drain faucet of the cooling system of the engine; 2 — a heater faucet with the electric drive; 3 — the electric pump of system of heating; 4 — a radiator of an additional heater; 5 — a heater radiator; 6 — the taking-away heater radiator hose; 7 — a tee; 8 — a tee stopper; 9 — the thermostat case; 10 — the thermostat; 11 — the sensor of temperature of cooling liquid; 12 — a radiator; 13 — a drain stopper of a radiator; 14 — the fan; 15 — the pump of cooling liquid

The scheme of the cooling system of the engine corresponds specified for ZMZ-4025,-4026 engines (see fig. 4.16).
The tension of belts of the drive of units, the water pump, the thermostat, and also service of the cooling system are similar to the corresponding systems for ZMZ-4025, ZMZ-4026 engines, (see section 4.1).