8.4.6. Dismantling of the driveshaft of a steering wheel

In the course of dismantling it is necessary:
- to clear the driveshaft hinge of dirt and oil;
- to remove lock rings of bearings of a crosspiece;
- to vypressovat crosspiece bearings on the press or in a vice a bronze mandrel which outer diameter is a little less than an opening in a fork. For this purpose the mandrel should be established on a bottom of the case of the needle bearing and to vypressovat the opposite bearing. To turn and vypressovat other bearing, establishing a mandrel in a crosspiece thorn end face;
- to turn a shaft on 1/4 turns and to vypressovat bearings from ears of the second fork in the same sequence;
- to remove a crosspiece. To wash out all details of the cardan hinge in kerosene and to check their state. To replace worn-out details.
Dismantling of the hinge of the driveshaft installed on a shaft of the steering mechanism is similarly carried out.