8.4.4. Assembly of the steering mechanism

For assembly it is necessary to make the following:
- to grease with a thin layer of lubricant working surfaces of details of the steering mechanism;
- to press against the stop in a case of the steering mechanism a holder of the bearing of the screw and to establish sealing rings;
- to press a screw bearing holder, an epiploon in the top cover and to establish a sealing ring;
- to check the probe quality of a press fitting of holders of bearings;
- to install the screw with a nut and with bearings in a case;
- to establish and fix by bolts the top cover of the steering mechanism, having adjusted an inhaling of bearings of the screw (see. "Adjustment of bearings of the screw"). Bolts of the top cover have to be tightened by the moment of 24 — 36 N · m (2,4 — 3,6 kgfs · l);
- to establish a shaft sector in a case, at the same time average tooth of a nut has to get to an average hollow of a shaft sector;
- to install subassembled bearings (see. "Adjustment of bearings of the screw of the steering mechanism");
- to adjust gearing of a shaft sector with a nut (see. "Couple gearing adjustment a nut — the sector of the steering mechanism);
- to make subassembly in the sequence, the return dismantling;
- to install the steering mechanism on the car. Bolts of fastening of an arm to the steering mechanism have to be tightened by the moment of 44 — 62 N · m (4,4 — 6,2 kgfs · l), nuts of fastening of an arm to a longeron — the moment of 28 — 36 N · m (2,8 — 3,6 kgfs · l);
- to establish a driveshaft fork on a shaft of the steering mechanism, to hammer a wedge into a fork and to tighten it a nut the moment of 18 — 25 N · m (· м). Flat and spring washers to establish 1,8 — 2,5 kgfs under a nut from the processed surface on a fork, to zashplintovat a wedge;
- to establish a bipod on a shaft sector of the steering mechanism and to fix it by a nut, the moment of an inhaling of 105 — 140 N · m (10,5 — 14 kgfs · м).