11.4.7. Door window regulator

Fig. 10.18. Door window regulator: 1 — the screw; 2 — the handle socket; 3 — a pin; 4 — the window regulator handle; 5 — the buffer; 6 — the rise mechanism; 7 — the screw; 8 — the coulisse

For movement of lowering glass and its deduction the window regulator (fig. 10.18) — hummock type, self-braking, from the central guide serves in any situation.
The window regulator consists of the following main details: cases of a reducer, a cover of the case of the roller of the brake mechanism, a spring of the brake mechanism, a gear wheel small, a cable, a drum, a wheel of a drum, plugs and covers of a cable, a guide with rollers, the ram of a guide, a coulisse stone. For movement flew down up or down it is necessary to turn the window regulator handle in the corresponding direction. At the same time the effort from the handle of a window regulator will be transmitted through the roller on a gear wheel small, and then — on a wheel of a drum and a drum which moves a cable (reels up and releases a cable) and, therefore, the ram of the coulisse directing with a stone. Distinctive features of a window regulator is application of a gear wheel and wheel from metal ceramics that increases durability of knot; lack of additional adjustments after its installation on a door. Correctly collected window regulator does not demand in operation of additional service.
For replacement or repair of a window regulator to perform work in the following order:
— to remove the handle 4 (see fig. 10.18) a window regulator for what it is necessary to press the socket 2 handles to an upholstery, to release access to a cylindrical pin 3 and to push out it from the handle;
- to remove the socket of the handle of the internal drive;
- to remove a hand-rail on a door;
- to remove a door upholstery, antinoise laying and to release assembly hatches;
- to lower glass so that in the assembly hatch it was visible the coulisse of a window regulator 8, to unscrew screws of fastening of the coulisse 7;
- to lift hands glass in the top situation and to stop it by means of a wooden wedge;
- to unscrew screws 1 and nuts of fastening of a window regulator and to take out a window regulator from a door together with the coulisse;
- to replace or repair a window regulator, to establish the coulisse 8 and to collect a door in the return sequence.
After installation of a window regulator in a door and accession of glass to check its work, moving (rotating) the handle in both directions.
For repair of a window regulator, replacement of a spring of the brake mechanism it is necessary to unscrew 4 screws of fastening of a cover of a reducer and to uncover together with a small gear wheel. Then to remove a small gear wheel from the roller of the brake mechanism and to pay at the same time attention to installation of a shaft of a gear wheel; to take out the roller of the brake mechanism and the broken spring. To replace a spring and to make assembly in the return sequence; before installation it is plentiful to grease the place for a spring with TsIATIM-201 lubricant, LITAS or Litol-24. After assembly to check work of a window regulator as rotation of the handle in both directions.