7.5.2. Maintenance

Fig. 6.21. Beam of a forward suspension bracket and steering drafts: 1 — the right rotary lever; 2 — a nut; 3 — the spherical hinge; 4 — a bolt; 5 — a collar; 6 — cross steering draft; 7 — a tip of steering draft; 8 — a sealant of the spherical hinge; 9 — a finger of the spherical hinge; 10 — the left rotary lever; 11 — the pivot axle; 12 — a rotary fist; 13 — a bipod; 14 — longitudinal steering draft; 15 — a beam of a forward suspension bracket

Service and care of a forward axis and steering drafts consists in regular check of reliability of fastening and tightening of nuts 2 (cm of fig. 6.21) fingers of steering drafts, lock pins, shkvorny bolts of coupling collars of cross steering draft; to periodic lubricant of pivot connection; to check of side plays in pivot connections and hinges of steering drafts, and also in check of a convergence of wheels.
When checking carving fastenings of a forward axis observe the recommended inhaling moments:
- fingers of steering drafts and maple pins of shkvorny — not less than 70 N · m (7,0 kgfs · l);
- bolts of coupling collars of steering drafts — 14 — 18 N · m (1,4 — 1,8 kgfs · м).
Check of reliability of fastening of maple pins should attach special significance. At their easing there is a side play and the subsequent bystry development of an opening in a beam that causes the necessity of repair or replacement of a beam.
When carrying out lubricant of pivot connection it is necessary to try to obtain a lubricant exit in the top lug of a fist 12 through a special cut in the socket a beam fist, and in the lower part — from under an edge of a protective cap of the persistent bearing.
At impossibility to proshpritsevat pivot connection solid oil recommends to pump over previously it mix of engine oil with kerosene in a proportion 1:1.
The side play шкворня in plugs is checked rocking of a wheel in the vertical plane, the wheel at the same time should not concern a floor.

Fig. 6.20. Nave of a forward wheel: 1 — a brake disk; 2 — the internal bearing; 3 — figure of a rotary fist; 4 — a washer; 5 — a nut; 6 — a nave; 7 — a nave cap; 8 — the external bearing; 9 — an epiploon; 10 — a cover шкворня; 11 — a beam of a forward suspension bracket; 12 — a wedge; 13 — a bearing sealant; 14 — the persistent bearing; 15 — the pivot axle; 16 — a rotary fist; 17 — a sealing wheel; 18 — the plug шкворня; 19 — a press butterdish

The pivot axle and plugs need replacement in case their total wear reached the size of 0,5 mm. It is defined by movement of the case of a brake bracket (see fig. 6.20) when rocking a wheel. If movement of the upper outer edge of the case is more than 0,5 mm, then replacement шкворня and plugs is necessary.
Along with check of a side play in plugs шкворня check a side play of a rotary fist along an axis шкворня. It is checked by the probe placed in a gap between the top lug of a fist of 12 (fig. 6.21) and an end face of a lug of a beam 15. The gap more than 0,15 mm is eliminated by installation of steel adjusting laying of the corresponding thickness. And, if the measured gap more than 1 mm, is required replacement of the bearing.

Fig. 6.23. Angles of installation of forward wheels

If at full turn of forward wheels the normal radius of turn is not provided or tires touch something, then check the maximum angle of rotation of wheels (fig. 6.23) which has to be 44 ° ±1 ° for an internal wheel.
This corner is regulated by change of length of the adjusting bolts screwed in carving openings of a flange of a fist.

Fig. 6.22. Hinge of steering drafts: 1 — a finger; 2 — a spring; 3 — the case; 4 — an insert; 5 — a cover

Existence of a side play in hinges of helmsmen тяп is not allowed. The side play in hinges (see fig. 6.22) is defined by rocking of draft along an axis of a finger 1. At detection of a side play replacement of the hinge is necessary.
When checking a side play in hinges it is necessary to examine a condition of rubber protective caps carefully. Their damage results in bystry wear of the hinge. At detection of damages the protective cap needs to be replaced.
The corner of a convergence of wheels is defined by a difference of the sizes A and B between inner edges of tires (see fig. 6.23). Measurements are performed in the horizontal plane at the level of an axis of forward wheels. The difference between the specified sizes has to be within 0 — 3 mm.
Adjustment of a convergence of wheels is made by change of length of cross steering draft. Adjustment order following:
- to weaken bolts of coupling collars 5 (see fig. 6.21);
- to establish a normal amount of a convergence of wheels by rotation of a pipe of cross steering draft;
- to tighten bolts of coupling collars of tips.