6.4.3. Maintenance of the back bridge

Service of the back bridge consists in periodic check of level of oil in a case, its dolivka and change according to the card of lubricant, cleaning of dirt of a sapun, pulling up of a nut of a flange of the leading gear wheel, nuts of fastening of half shafts, check and restoration of adjustments of bearings of naves of wheels, the leading gear wheel and differential.

It is forbidden to make replacement of the oil filled on JSC GAZ prior to a run of 60 000 km.

Fig. 5.32. Zadny Bridge with a beam like a banjo with a separate reducer (middle part): 1 — a nut; 2 — a flange of the leading gear wheel; 3 — a cuff; 4, 6, 11 — bearings; 5 — a ring; 7 — an adjusting ring; 8 — a reducer case; 9 — the leading gear wheel; 10 — differential; 12 — a half shaft; 13 — laying; 14 — a lock plate; 15 — a case; 16 — a nut of bearings of differential; 17 — a differential bearing cover; 18 — a stopper of a maslozalivny opening; 19 — the conducted gear wheel; 20 — сапун

Gaps need to be measured in the main transfer on the car after a driveshaft detachment. Before check of gaps it is necessary to check an inhaling of a nut of 1 flange of the leading gear wheel (see fig. 5.32) for what it is necessary to rasshplintovat a nut and to hold on with an its moment of force of 160 — 200 N · m (16 — 20 kgfs · м). Movement of a flange of the leading gear wheel in the axial and angular directions to check gaps. The axial gap in bearings of the leading gear wheel is checked how it is specified in the subsection "Adjustment of a Pretightness of Bearings of the Leading Gear Wheel").

For measurement of a full angular side play of a flange of the leading gear wheel it is necessary to make a tag on a flange mud-reflector edge, to turn a flange against the stop to the left and to make on a case to risk, coinciding with risky on a reflector. To turn a flange against the stop to the right and to make the second to risk on a case. To measure distance between risks on a case. If it exceeds 12 mm, it indicates excessive wear of teeths of the leader and the main transfer conducted gear wheels, gear wheels of differential or shliyets of semi-axial gear wheels and half shafts.
Merge oil from a case of the back bridge after its preliminary warming up. Check of level of oil and its dolivka are made through a bulk opening of a case on the car standing on the horizontal platform. Check should be made after a trip after a while to give the chance to oil to cool down and flow down from case walls. The lack of oil or its surplus are equally harmful.
If noise of the bridge is increased so that it is considered inadmissible from the point of view of comfort or causes fear of breakage, it is considered as malfunction. "Howl" the bridge (noise of high-pitch tone) influences comfortableness, and it can be avoided if to exclude long driving in the narrow ranges of speeds on which it is heard. Before sorting the bridge, it is necessary to be convinced that noise comes from the bridge. The faulty conducted clutch plate, tires (noise changes at a different paving and grows with increase in speed), the engine can be sources of noise.