11.3.3. Replacement of glass of a window of a sidewall, glass of a side (movable) door, glasses of back doors

For glass removal, it is necessary holding it outside, to squeeze out it from within a body (at the same time unbending a sealant flange, trying not to damage it). Work needs to be performed together, since the top corner of glass. To clear a flange of an aperture of a window and if necessary, to correct a flange surface.
For installation of new glasses:
- to wash out a sealant in the washing structure;
- to fill a groove (for glass) sealants with the state standard specification 24025-80 or GUAZ-R TU 5770-85-00284718-93 non-drying mastic 51-G-7K and to put on a sealant glass;
- to fill deepening between a flange and a profile of a sealant the specified mastic and to fill a lace in deepening;
- assembled with a sealant to press glass outside to a window aperture so that the flange of a sealant could be filled for a flange of an aperture of a window and that the lace was in the top part of a window;
- filling a sealant flange for an aperture flange, to extend a lace.