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5.2.3. Gas-distributing mechanism

Fig. 4.90. Drive of valves: 1 — a valve saddle; 2 — the valve; 3 — the directing plug; 4 — a lock ring; 5 — a washer; 6 — a spring; 7 — a cap maslootrazhatelny; 8 — a cap spring; 9 — a plate of a spring; 10 — croutons; 11 — the adjusting screw; 12 — a lock-nut; 13 — a yoke; 14 — an axis of yokes; 15 — a bar; 16 — a rack; 17 — a head of the block of cylinders

The drive of valves is shown in fig. 4.90. Check and adjustment of thermal gaps between valves and yokes is made on the cold engine at the tightened nuts of fastening of a head of cylinders and nuts of fastening of racks of an axis of yokes. It is necessary for check and adjustment:
- to disconnect hoses of ventilation of a case, to remove the air filter, to disconnect a rope of the drive of butterfly valves and a hose of the vacuum regulator of the sensor distributor;
- to uncover yokes;
- to remove a lattice of facing of a radiator, to investigate fastening of the top point of fastening of a radiator, to remove the top panel of facing of a radiator and to weaken a fan drive belt tension;

Fig. 4.91. Adjusting tags on a pulley damper of a bent shaft: 1 — a pin on a cover of distributive gear wheels; 2 — a tag for the VMT installation; 3 — a tag for installation of a corner of an advancing of ignition

- to install the piston of the first cylinder in the top dead point (TDP) of a step of compression for what a special key on 36 mm from a set of the driver's tool to turn a bent shaft of the engine to situation at which yokes of inlet and final valves will freely rock (valves are closed), and the second tag on a pulley damper will be combined with a pin on a cover of distributive gear wheels (fig. 4.91);

The tag which approaches a pin index at rotation of a pulley damper of a bent shaft is considered the first. The first tag corresponds to a corner of an advancing of ignition 5 °, the second — the top dead point.

- to check by means of the probe gaps between yokes and valves of the first cylinder. At the wrong gap by means of the adjusting screw to establish a gap on the probe then, supporting by the screw-driver the adjusting screw, to tighten a lock-nut and to check correctness of a gap; turning a bent shaft half way, to adjust gaps of other cylinders according to an order of their work 1-2-4-3. The gap between a yoke and the valve on the cold engine (15 — 20 °C) for final valves of the first and fourth cylinders has to be 0,30 — 0,35 mm, and for other valves — 0,35 — 0,40 mm.