11.4. Doors

Locks of doors 
Possible malfunctions of locks, drives of locks and ways x elimination 
Hinge plate of back doors 
Removal of a side door 
Adjustment and installation of a side door 
Possible malfunctions of mechanisms of movement of a side door and ways of their elimination 
Door window regulator 
Possible malfunctions of window regulators and ways of their elimination 
Cowl lock 
Cowl hinge plate 
Cabin door hinge plate 
External rear-view mirrors 

Forward doors are connected to a cabin by means of two welded loops. For restriction of opening of a door and its fixing in open situation there is a limiter.
Side door - movable. For its opening outside it is necessary to pull on itself the back handle of rotary type and by means of the forward handle to shift a door. For restriction of movement of a door the rubber buffer serves back, from spontaneous movement of a door forward on the lower guide there is a limiter holding a door in extreme open situation. When opening a door to pull the handle of the internal drive located in a forward part of a door on itself from within, a back part of a door to push outside of and by means of the handle on a forward part of an aperture of a window to move a door back. The same handle needs to use also when closing a door from within.
Back doors open on 180 °C fixing when opening on 90 ° and 180 °.
The left back door in a closed position is fixed on a body by two sprung clamps (the door slams and fixed). For opening of a door it is necessary to bring clamps out of gearing for what to turn down the handle located at a door end face and to pull a door on itself.
Back doors are equipped with the limiters of vertical movement located in their top and lower part; the back right door is equipped with the limiter of its opening.