7.4.2. Replacement of lubricant and epiploon of a nave

Replacement of lubricant should be made on the removed nave through 36 000 — 60 000 km of a run depending on service conditions. For this purpose it is necessary:
- to take off decorative and internal 7th caps of a nave;
- to weaken nuts of fastening of wheels, then to lift a jack a car wheel, to remove a wheel;
- to rasshplintovat a nut of a rotary fist and to turn off it;
- to remove a nave, to wash out it and bearings in kerosene, previously having removed old lubricant;
- to grease bearings and to fill an internal cavity of a nave with Litol-24 or Lita lubricant in number of 75 g on a nave;
- to establish a nave, to wrap a nut, to adjust bearings (as it is stated above), to zashplintovat a nut, to establish an internal cap, a wheel, previously to wrap a nut of fastening of a wheel;
- to lower a wheel from a jack. To finally tighten nuts of fastening of a wheel the moment of 300 — 380 N · m (30 — 38 kgfs · l);
- to establish a protective cap.
When replacing an epiploon it is necessary to execute the operations on removal of a nave given above. The epiploon should be pressed in a nave evenly. After a press fitting its back has to be in one plane with a nave end face.
The sizes of the interfaced details of naves of forward wheels are specified in tab. 6.3.

Table 6.3. The sizes of the interfaced details of naves of forward wheels, mm