11.4.3. Hinge plate of back doors

Fig. 10.13. Hinge plate of back doors: 1 — the plug; 2 — a mobile link; 3 — a motionless link; 4 — an axis; 5 and 7 — laying; 6 — a lining; 8 — a spherical support; 9 — a lock ring; 10 — a finger; 11 — a limiter arm; 12 — a flange nut; 13 — a clip; 14 — the limiter lever

Loops of back doors consist from mobile 2 (fig. 10.13), the motionless 3 links and plugs 1 manufactured of a metalloftoroplastovy tape, and also axis 4.
Loops of doors — folding.
At emergence of a considerable side play to replace their plugs and axes.
The limiter of opening of a back door consists of an arm 11, the spherical hinge, the lever 14 and a clip 13. At the closed door the lever is fixed in a clip. For restriction of opening of a door the lever needs to be taken out from a clip, to turn and establish in a bumper opening.
At breakage of details of the limiter they need to be replaced with new.