6.4.6. Dismantling of the back bridge

Before dismantling of the back bridge it is necessary to turn off a drain stopper and to merge oil. To make dismantling of the bridge in the following sequence:
- to turn off nuts of fastening of half shafts and to take out half shafts by means of dismantling bolts;
- to remove laying of flanges of half shafts;
- to turn off an external nut of the hug bearing, to remove a key washer, to turn off an internal nut of the hug bearing;
- to remove the brake drum with a nave assembled;
- to turn off bolts of fastening of a brake to a flange of a case and to remove a brake assembled with a cable and a masloderzhatel;
- to remove a back cover of a case and laying of a cover (for the one-piece back bridge);
- to turn off bolts of fastening of a reducer to a case, to remove a reducer by means of dismantling bolts and to turn out a jellied stopper (for the back bridge with a beam like a banjo);
- to turn out сапун;
- to turn off bolts of fastening of lock plates of nuts of bearings of differential, to remove lock plates;
- to turn off bolts of fastening of covers of bearings of differential, to uncover, take out nuts of bearings and differential assembled with the conducted gear wheel;
- to rasshplintovat and turn off a nut of fastening of a flange of the leading gear wheel, to remove a flange and a washer, to take out the leading gear wheel;

Fig. 5.37. Removal of the bearing from the leading gear wheel of the main transfer: 1 — the stripper screw; 2 — a support; 3 — a nut; 4 — an insert

- to remove an internal ring of the back bearing of the leading gear wheel a stripper, as shown in fig. 5.37. In order that zaplechik of an insert 4 densely entered between a holder of the bearing and a gear wheel, it is necessary to squeeze support 2 bolts with nuts 3. To Vypressovat an internal ring of the bearing rotation of the screw 1;
- to remove an adjusting ring;
- to vypressovat external rings of bearings of the leading gear wheel.