8.4.2. Dismantling of the steering mechanism

For dismantling it is necessary to make the following:

Fig. 7.2. Steering mechanism: In — an edge on the top cover; With — risk at a screw end face; 1 — a case; 2 — the screw with a ball nut; 3 — a shaft sector; 4 — a stopper of a jellied opening; 5 — adjusting laying; 6 — a nut; 7 — the forelock; 8 — a fork; 9 — a cover; 10 — a wedge; 11 — a sealant of a steering shaft; 12 — the driveshaft; 13 — a sealing ring; 14 — a lock ring; 15 — an external ring of the bearing of a shaft sector; 16 — a shaft sector sealant; 17 — a cover; 18 — a bipod; 19 — a side cover; 20 — a stopper

- to merge oil from a wheel case through a jellied stopper 4 (see fig. 7.2);
- to clamp the steering mechanism in a vice for inflow under a fixing opening of a case and to carefully clear all surfaces of dirt;
- to take out two stoppers from a case;
- to uncover 17, 19 and a spongy sealant 16 a shaft sector;
- to straighten to hole small beards on shaft sector bearings 15;
- to remove a stripper serially shaft sector bearings 15 without blows and distortions, having excluded dispersal of rollers.

Shift of bearings on other end of a shaft or hashing of rollers of one bearing with rollers of other bearing are inadmissible.

- to remove a shaft sector 3 and sealing rings 13;
- to turn off bolts of fastening of the top cover of a case and to remove the top cover together with laying;
- to vypressovat an epiploon, a bearing holder from the top cover, having removed previously sealing ring and laying 5;
- to remove the screw 2 assembled with a nut;
- to vypressovat the remained external holder of bearings of the screw.

Of external holders of the bearing of the screw from a case and the top cover without need not to make Vypressovka.