6.2.2. Features of maintenance of the transmission

Care of the transmission consists in periodic external examination, check of fastening of the transmission to a case of coupling, fastening of forward and back cases, switching lever cases, a dolivka and change of oil through 60 000 km of a run and cleaning of a sapun according to instructions on service of the car.
It is necessary to merge oil right after a trip while it is hotter. If the fulfilled oil is very dirty and it contains metal particles, the box needs to be washed out.
It is necessary to wash out the transmission in the way provided below:
• through a bulk opening on the right side of a box to fill in 0,9 l of gearbox oil in a case;
• to lift a jack one or both back wheels and, having included the 1st transfer, to launch the engine for 2 — 3 min.;
• to merge oil through a drain opening in the lower part of a case of a box;
• to fill a case with fresh gearbox oil to the level of a bulk opening (if the opening is located on the right side) or 7 mm below than the level of a bulk opening (if the opening is located on the left side). When filling a box it is not necessary to turn gear wheels as at the same time it will be filled in oils more, than follows that can cause to flow oils through extender epiploons.
Level of oil is checked through a bulk opening on the car standing on the horizontal platform, after a while after a trip to give the chance to oil to cool down and flow down from walls, and to a penalty fee — to settle.
In use it is necessary to pay special attention to a condition of the sapun located above a forward case.
Sapun serves for the message of an internal cavity of a box with the atmosphere, and its pollution leads to increase in pressure and emergence of a leak of oil.
During an initial stage of operation to extra earnings of epiploons infiltration of oil and emergence of an oil raid on the body bottom in a zone of a cap of the sliding driveshaft fork is allowed insignificant (but not in the form of drops).
At dismantle of the driveshaft it is necessary to observe instructions (see. "Cardan transfer"). The opening in the extender has to be muffled by a special cap or the spare sliding fork in order to avoid an oil effluence from the transmission. If the special cap is absent, then before removal of the transmission from the car it is necessary to merge previously from it oil.