7.4.1. Adjustment of bearings of naves of forward wheels

For adjustment it is necessary to make the following:
- to lift a wheel a jack so that the tire did not concern the support plane, to take off a wheel cap, to take off a nave cap 7, to rasshplintovat and weaken an adjusting nut 5 on 1/2 turns, to check ease of rotation of a wheel. In case of braking of a wheel to remove the cause;
- to tighten an adjusting nut the 5th key with a neck the moment of 50 — 80 N · m (5,0 — 8,0 kgfs · м). When tightening a nut it is necessary to turn a wheel for uniform placement of rollers in bearings;
- to turn off a nut 5 on a corner 22 — 45 ° (no more, than on one cut of a crown) and to zashplintovat it;
- to be convinced of correctness of adjustment of hug bearings — the wheel has to rotate freely without axial side play;
- to put into place caps of a nave and wheel;
- to finally check correctness of the carried-out adjustment of bearings a run of 8 — 10 km. Strong heating of a nave (over 70 °C) is inadmissible and has to be eliminated with repeated adjustment.