7.3.2. Removal of a nave

Naves are removed from the car only when replacing worn-out bearings or an epiploon. For this purpose it is necessary:
- to weaken nuts of fastening of wheels, and then to lift wheels a jack so that they did not concern the support plane, then to remove wheels;

Fig. 6.19. Back nave: 1 — an epiploon; 2 — a persistent washer; 3 — the internal bearing; 4 — the external bearing; 5 — an adjusting nut; 6 — a lock washer; 7 — a lock-nut; 8 — a half shaft; 9 — laying; 10 — a nave; 11 — the brake drum

- to turn off nuts and to take out a half shaft (see fig. 6.19);
- to turn off a nut, to remove a lock washer, to turn off a nut of fastening of a nave. To remove a nave with the reel, bearings and an epiploon;
- to replace the damaged details. When replacing an epiploon it is necessary to make its press fitting evenly. After an epiploon press fitting its back has to be in one plane with a nave end face.
After replacement of the damaged details it is necessary to make adjustment of bearings as it is stated above.