7.5. Beam of a forward suspension bracket and steering drafts

Possible malfunctions of a forward axis and steering drafts and ways of their elimination 
Repair of a beam of a forward suspension bracket and steering drafts 
Replacement шкворня and plugs шкворня 
Replacement of the persistent bearing шкворня 
Replacement of hinges of drafts 

Fig. 6.21. Beam of a forward suspension bracket and steering drafts: 1 — the right rotary lever; 2 — a nut; 3 — the spherical hinge; 4 — a bolt; 5 — a collar; 6 — cross steering draft; 7 — a tip of steering draft; 8 — a sealant of the spherical hinge; 9 — a finger of the spherical hinge; 10 — the left rotary lever; 11 — the pivot axle; 12 — a rotary fist; 13 — a bipod; 14 — longitudinal steering draft; 15 — a beam of a forward suspension bracket

The beam of the 15th lobby of a suspension bracket (see fig. 6.21) — stamped, double-T section, is connected to rotary fists by means of shkvorny. Shkvorni have a lyska in the center and are stopped in beam openings by maple pins. Vertical loadings from rotary fists are transferred to a beam by the ball persistent bearings closed from hit of dirt and dust by protective rubber-metal caps.
In the top lugs of rotary fists from a beam ring pro-points in which the sealing rubber rings protecting the surfaces of friction of plugs and dust, shkvorny from hit, and dirt are established are executed.
Pivot openings in lugs of rotary fists are closed by covers with laying.
For lubricant of plugs shkvorny in the center of covers press butterdishes are established. Persistent bearings of shkvorny are greased at the same time with lubricant of the lower plugs.
For pass of lubricant in plugs of rotary fists there are special flutes. Rotary fists consist of two parts — a flange and the pin pressed in it.
On pins on two conic bearings naves of forward wheels with brake disks are established. The trapeze of steering is located behind a front axle beam. Levers of a trapeze are fixed to rotary fists by bolts of high durability. For an exception of a possibility of weakening of an inhaling of bolts in operation carving parts of connections at assembly become covered with Unigerm-6 sealant of TU 6-01-1285-84.
Restriction of angles of rotation of the operated wheels is provided with the bolts screwed in a flange of rotary fists.

Fig. 6.22. Hinge of steering drafts: 1 — a finger; 2 — a spring; 3 — the case; 4 — an insert; 5 — a cover

Longitudinal steering draft 14 — solid-forged, cross 6 — tubular, with carving tips. Carving tips 7 have the different direction of a carving that allows to regulate a convergence of wheels, without removing draft from the car. Hinges of longitudinal and cross draft (fig. 6.22) are unified among themselves. Hinges non-demountable also do not demand service in operation.