9.2. Working brake system

Fig. 8.1. Scheme of the drive of the working brake system: I \contour of forward brakes; II \contour of back brakes; 1 — the forward brake mechanism; 2 — the main brake cylinder; 3 — the vacuum amplifier; 4 — the back brake mechanism; 5 — pressure regulator; 6 — the case of a half shaft of the back bridge; 7 — a signaling device

On the car the hydraulic brake drive which consists of the two-chamber vacuum amplifier 3 (fig. 8.1), the two-piston main brake cylinder 2 with a tank, the regulator of the pressure 5 installed in the drive of back brake mechanisms is used.
The forward contour of the drive influences disk brake mechanisms of 1 forward wheels, a back contour — on drum brake mechanisms of 4 back wheels.
In a tank of the main cylinder the float-operated signaling device of the 7th emergency falling of level of brake fluid is established.