5.2. UMZ-4215S engines *, UMZ-42150 *

Head of cylinders 
Krivoshipno-shatunny mechanism 
Gas-distributing mechanism 
Lubrication system 
System of ventilation of a case, depression regulator 
Cooling system 
Power supply system 
System of recirculation of the fulfilled gases 
System of production of the fulfilled gases 
Diagnostics of technical condition of the engine. Possible malfunctions of the engine 
Repair of the engine 

UMZ-4215 engines have a traditional design which a long time is issued OJSC Volga Motors: the aluminum block of cylinders with the lower arrangement of the camshaft, the shtangovy drive of valves through yokes, the gear drive of the camshaft, an aluminum head with entry of inlet and final channels into one party.

Fig. 4.87. Longitudinal section of the engine

The main constructive difference of engines 4215 from ZMZ-4025 and ZMZ-4026 engines consists that they have the aluminum block with the filled-in thin-walled sleeves from special wearproof cast iron (IChG-ZZM). Nominal diameter of sleeves — 100 mm. The piston stroke remains the same — 92 mm. Effective engine cylinder capacity is increased due to increase in diameter of the piston up to 2,89 l. The longitudinal section of the engine is given in fig. 4.87.

* The conventional sign replacing an engine complete set option letter.