6.3. Cardan transfer

Possible malfunctions of cardan transfer and ways of their elimination 
Maintenance of cardan transfer 
Repair of cardan transfer 
Zadny Bridge 
Possible malfunctions of the back bridge and ways of their elimination 
Device of the back bridge 
Maintenance of the back bridge 
Adjustment of the back bridge 
Removal of the bridge from the car 
Dismantling of the back bridge 
Dismantling of differential 
Survey and control of technical condition of details of the back bridge 
Assembly of differential 
Assembly of the back bridge 
Installation of the back bridge on the car 

Fig. 5.28. Cardan transfer with an intermediate support: — the place of admissible blows at assembly; 1 — a cuff; 2 — the needle bearing; 3 — a lock ring; 4 — a crosspiece; 5 — a face washer; 6 — the sliding fork; 7 — a butterdish; 8 — a balancing plate; 9 — a support pillow; 10 — the bearing of an intermediate support; 11 — a shlitsevy fork; 12 — the back driveshaft; 13 — a flange fork; 14 — a ring sealing; 15 — a lock plate; 16 — a bolt; 17 — a washer

Cardan transfer (fig. 5.28) consists of intermediate and back hollow shaft with three cardan hinges and an intermediate support. The forward hinge comes to an end with the sliding fork which is put on by a shlitsevy opening the conducted transmission shaft, and an external surface enters the transmission extender plug. The back hinge fastens to a flange of the back bridge four bolts.
Crosspieces of cardan hinges are established in forks on the needle bearings fixed by lock rings. Cardan hinges have the flowing lubrication system. For this purpose on the central part of a crosspiece the press butterdish through which on through channels lubricant passes to needle bearings is established and then comes to cuffs. Under oil pressure the working edge is wrung out and allows lubricant to leave. The lubricant which is between a mud-reflector of a crosspiece and an epiploon serves as the oil filter protecting a working edge of an epiploon from dust and moisture. Protective rubber caps are put on press butterdishes of hinges. The intermediate support is executed in the form of a rubber pillow with rather high pliability in the longitudinal direction with the radial movement limited to three buffers or the central ring. In an internal cavity of a pillow with a tightness the holder with the radial bearing of the closed design with the lubricant put in it is established. During operation it is not required to grease it. The intermediate support bolts fastens on a frame cross-piece. Connection of an intermediate shaft with back is executed on motionless vents of a shaft with a fork, is pulled together with bolts and fixed by a washer with a lock plate.