6.4.9. Assembly of differential

Before assembly all rubbing surfaces of details of differential need to be oiled, applied in the bridge. To make assembly of differential in the following order:
- to establish a washer of a semi-axial gear wheel and a semi-axial gear wheel in one of boxes of satellites;
- to install satellites and basic washers of satellites on an axis of satellites;
- to establish an axis of satellites with satellites and washers in a box of satellites a groove up;
- to podsobrat the second axis of satellites as it is stated above;
- to establish the second axis of satellites by a groove down and from above to establish the second semi-axial gear wheel and a washer;
- to install the second box of satellites so that tags on the right and left boxes were against each other;
- to wrap and tighten bolts of fastening of boxes of satellites the moment of 28 — 36 N · m (2,8 — 3,6 kgfs · l), previously having applied on a carving of openings under bolts anaerobic sealant "Unigerm-6", "Unigerm-9" or "Stopor-6", on 0,1 g in each opening. The carving in openings of a box and on bolts before putting sealant has to be dry and fat-free;
- to napressovat the conducted gear wheel on the left box of satellites and to fix it by bolts. The moment of an inhaling of bolts of 68 — 75 N · m (6,8 — 7,5 kgfs · м). Before a zavertyvaniye of bolts to apply on a carving of openings under bolts in a gear wheel the specified sealant on 0,2 g in each opening, previously having degreased and having dried up a carving on bolts and in a gear wheel;
- to check ease of rotation of gear wheels of differential, rotating one of half shaft gear wheels by means of a shlitsevy mandrel at the motionless case of differential.
Rotation has to be smooth, without jammings. The torque necessary for a provorachivaniye of gear wheels of differential should not be more than 15 N · m (1,5 kgfs · м).