6.4.2. Device of the back bridge

Fig. 5.32. Zadny Bridge with a beam like a banjo with a separate reducer (middle part): 1 — a nut; 2 — a flange of the leading gear wheel; 3 — a cuff; 4, 6, 11 — bearings; 5 — a ring; 7 — an adjusting ring; 8 — a reducer case; 9 — the leading gear wheel; 10 — differential; 12 — a half shaft; 13 — laying; 14 — a lock plate; 15 — a case; 16 — a nut of bearings of differential; 17 — a differential bearing cover; 18 — a stopper of a maslozalivny opening; 19 — the conducted gear wheel; 20 — сапун

On the car the back bridge with a stamped and welded case like a banjo (fig. 5.32) with separately mounted reducer is established. The main transfer and differential of the back bridge are established in a case of the 8th reducer which is fixed by bolts in bridge beam openings. The main transfer of the bridge — gipoidny, with transfer number 5,125; the axis of the leading gear wheel which is rather conducted is displaced down on 42 mm. The preliminary tightness of bearings of the leading gear wheel is regulated by selection of a ring of 5 (fig. 5.32), and the provision of the leading gear wheel is regulated by selection of a ring 7.
The side gap in gearing of the main transfer is regulated by nuts 16. The same nuts regulate a preliminary tightness of bearings of differential. Latching of nuts is made by a lock plate 14. Satellites and semi-axial gear wheels are placed in the differential case consisting of the left and right boxes bolted.
For prevention of increase in pressure in the bridge on the left casing of a half shaft from above it is established сапун.