10.1.20. Possible malfunctions of electric motors and ways of their elimination

Possible malfunctions of electric motors and ways of their elimination
Cause of defect
Way of elimination
At inclusion the electric motor of a heater does not work
There is no contact in connecting blocks
To check reliability of connections and to eliminate malfunction
The switch does not work
To check and repair it
Lag of brushes, oiling or pollution by electric motor anchor collector dust
To disassemble the electric motor, to eliminate lag of brushes. To wipe a collector with the rag moistened in gasoline. To clear grooves between collector plates
Oxidation of contacts of a fusible insert and its nest
To clear contacts of a nest of a fusible insert
The safety lock fused
To find a cause of defect, to eliminate it and to replace a safety lock
The electric motor works only at one speed
To check reliability of connection on conclusions of the resistor and its integrity. Damaged to replace
At inclusion the electric fan works with the increased noise or is in the slowed-down state
Weakening of the screw of fastening of rotors on an electric motor shaft
Before an inhaling of fastening of a rotor to provide a gap of 2 mm between a rotor and overlays of the electric motor of a heater
The anchor rotates with a small speed or absolutely stops
Short circuit between collector plates
To clean intervals between collector plates a wooden stick and to blow compressed air. To oil felt washers of plugs turbine
The electric motor works, but air does not come on a windshield and to a body
Fans rotate in other party
To connect the electric motor according to the electrical circuitry