11.3. Replacement of a body

Replacement of glass of a wind window 
Replacement of a sealant of doors 
Replacement of glass of a window of a sidewall, glass of a side (movable) door, glasses of back doors 

When replacing a body to remove it from the chassis. For this purpose:
- to remove a cowl, a lattice of facing of a radiator, the top panel of facing of a radiator assembled with the cowl lock;
- to merge cooling liquid from the engine cooling system, to remove hoses from cooling radiator branch pipes, to dismantle radiator fixture on racks of facing and to remove a radiator, to disconnect hoses from the heater crane;
- to merge brake fluid from system of the hydraulic drive of a brake and coupling, to disconnect hoses of a brake and coupling from the corresponding tubes going to a body;
- to make dismantling of the drive of an accelerator, the parking brake and to investigate connection of a shaft of a steering column with shaft of the steering mechanism; to disconnect the electrical wires leaving a body and a flexible shaft of a speedometer from the transmission;
- to turn off and remove bolts of fastening of a body to a frame. Access to forward bolts of elastic fastening is provided from podkapotny space. For access to average bolts of elastic fastening in a cabin it is necessary to remove the plastic overlays of rugs of a floor located behind footboards. Access to other bolts is made from cargo salon; bolts are hidden under oval rubber caps of a floor;
- to unscrew screws of fastening and to uncover the floor hatch, at the same time the rubber sealant has to remain on the check point lever;
- to remove a body by means of the lifting mechanism, suspending it for an aperture of forward doors and armholes of back doors; at the same time doors have to be open.
Installation of a body on the chassis is made in the return sequence.