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11.4.11. Cabin door hinge plate

Fig. 10.20. Cabin door hinge plate: 1 — a door loop; 2 — a bolt of fastening of a loop; 3 — a limiter arm; 4 — a finger; 5 — a limiter stopper; 6 — the limiter lever; 7 — the buffer

For opening of a door of a cabin and its deduction in vertical position loops, and for restriction of an angle of opening and fixing (deduction) of a door serve in open situation — the limiter of a door of roller type (fig. 10.20).
Loops of a door are supplied with metalloftoroplastovy plugs and do not demand leaving in operation. For replacement of a door of a cabin in case of its damage on loops there is a bolt connection, having turned off which and having disconnected the limiter lever (it is necessary to take out a finger), it is possible to remove a door from a cabin.
Installation of the new or repaired door is made upside-down: is fixed on a cabin, and then the limiter lever joins.
In case of breakage (break) of the lever of the limiter it is necessary to replace it. Operation of the car with the broken lever is not allowed because of possible damage of a door.
Replacement of the lever of the limiter should be made in the following order:
- to remove the window regulator handle;
- to remove the socket of the handle of the internal drive;
- to remove a hand-rail on a door;
- to remove an upholstery and antinoise laying;
- to remove the forelock and a finger of fastening of the lever of the limiter of an arm;
- to take out the broken lever;
- to install the new lever with the buffer;
- to make other assembly upside-down.