9.9. Parking brake system

Fig. 8.7. Parking brake system: 1 — the lever; 2 — a forward cable; 3 — a nut; 4 — an arm; 5 and 8 — back cables; 6 — a razzhimny link; 7 — the drive lever; 9 — the equalizer

The parking brake system (fig. 8.7) has the mechanical drive operating on brake mechanisms of back wheels.
The drive consists of the lever 1, the forward cable of 2 and back cables 5 and 8 connected among themselves by the equalizer 9 and fixed on the arm 4 welded on a frame cross-piece. Back cables influence the levers 7 and razzhimny links 6 located in brake mechanisms of back wheels.
At impact on the lever 1 through system of cables 2, 5, 8 and levers 7 of a block of brake mechanisms nestle on drums, slowing down the car. The lever 1 is fixed by means of the ratchet mechanism consisting of a doggie and the gear sector. At the same time the switch located on an arm of fastening of the lever in a cabin includes a red lamp on a combination of devices.
At a disinhibition the lever should be returned in a starting position. For this purpose it is necessary to drown the button at a lever handle end face. The draft connecting the button to "doggie" will bring "doggie" out of gearing with the sector. Under the influence of effort of a hand, springs of brake mechanisms and back cables the parking brake system rastormazhivatsya. On a combination of devices the control lamp dies away.
The parking brake does not demand repair, except its regulation. It is necessary to check a condition of the hummock drive. At damages of protective covers or cables it is necessary to replace a cable assembled. At wear of details of fixing of turning on of the parking brake their replacement is also necessary.