10.1.2. Possible malfunctions of the rechargeable battery and ways x elimination

Possible malfunctions of the rechargeable battery and ways of their elimination
Cause of defect
Way of elimination
The starter scrolls a bent shaft of the engine with a small speed
The battery is discharged below an admissible limit
To charge the battery, to check the generator and the regulator of tension (see <Generator> and <tension regulator>)
Short circuit in one of elements
Element with short circuit to replace or repair
The increased power failure in a starter power-supply circuit
To clear battery conclusions, to tighten fastening of wires of a starter
The raised battery self-discharge
To clear a surface of covers of elements of dirt and electrolyte. To charge the battery
Destruction of lattices of positive plates
To replace the battery
Bystry vykipaniye of electrolyte
The increased adjustable tension
To check tension regulator (see <tension regulator>), to hand over in a workshop for adjustment
Tension regulator is faulty
To replace the regulator
Slopping of electrolyte through an air vent
High level of electrolyte
To establish normal level
The rechargeable battery does not give tension
Break of an element in the battery
To replace an element with break